Fall 2021 :

Ex-Cons, Ex-Druggies, Tattoos, and Christian Education: Introducing You to Untraditional, Non-Traditional EducationReimagining Recruiting During COVID • 8 Effective Ways to Prepare for Post-Pandemic Enrollment • 5 Engaging Methods to Market Your FacultySolutions to Destructive Leadership Behavior on the Christian Campus (Part 1)Where are the “Gotchas”? 10 HEERF Considerations to Be on the Lookout ForWhen and How to Apply to Begin Offering Federal Student Financial Aid5 Benefits to Providing Study Abroad Programs • Revolutionizing Our Assessment Processes to Match Our Assessment RealitiesNov. 10 Workshop: Recruit, Retain, and Develop GREAT Faculty

Spring 2021 :

If the Senate Passes the Equality Act . . . • Adapting to the Times: Suggestions for “Going Online”Should Christian Colleges Be Publicly Accountable for Spiritual Outcomes?: A Report on Responses from College Personnel • ABHE, ATS & TRACS: How Long Does It Take to Achieve Accreditation? • ABHE, ATS & TRACS: Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) Qualifications • Christian Academia Books Recommended by Larry McKinneyHow Federal Regulations Could Reduce Faith-Based Worker Supply as It Has Already Done to Health Care Worker SupplyMoving Beyond Status Quo in Direction, Purpose, Capacity, and Value

virtual fundraising event

Fall 2020 :

Innovative Fundraising Events in a Post-COVID WorldOpportunities for Reducing Expenses at Your InstitutionWhich Conferences Are Still Meeting?Eligibility Requirements: ABHE, ATS, TRACS & DEACHow to Start an Academic Library for a Small Christian CollegeCARES Act: 5 Significant Temporary Financial Aid AllowancesHow Estate Planning Gifts Keep Christian Universities in BusinessStudent Retention and the Paradox of the Pandemic5 Ways to Help Adjunct Faculty Become Valuable Team Members

Spring 2020 :

How to Cheat an Accrediting Agency…Presidential Career Paths: Who Leads Christian Colleges?Five Recommendations for Improving Online LearningFlipping the Classroom from “Sage on the Stage” to “Guide on the Side”How to Move Your University from Crisis to TransformationTechnagogy: A Powerful Student Retention Tool During CoronavirusCOVID-19 Implications: Distance Ed, Approvals and Other ConsiderationsSBA ECONOMIC INJURY DISASTER LOANAccreditation Costs: ABHE, ATS & TRACSCHEC Announces the Appointment of a New Executive DirectorConference Profile: Christian Higher Education Canada (CHEC)

Winter 2020 :

Higher Education: 9 Trends to Follow in 2020 • From Danbury to D.C. – The Role of Government in Today’s Christian CollegesWhy Add Bible Certificates to Accredited Degree Offerings6 Reasons You Shouldn’t Ask for a Grant Writer’s Success Rate • What to do About “Bundling”Improve Student Retention: Teach Financial LiteracyFinancing Education: 5 Financial Resources for StudentsCan Colleges Assess Students’ Character Development?Hallmarks of a Christian Campus: A Checklist of Components for Mission Integration

Fall 2019 :

• Creating a High Performing, Mission-True Culture Based on Your School’s Values! • Importance of Religious Liberty Protections for Christian Educational Institutions • Gay-Student Groups & their GoalsMuslim Students in Christian Schools: Problem or Opportunity?Case Study on Improving Christian University Governance • 4 REASONS WHY BOARD TRAINING IS CRITICAL TO MINISTRY SUCCESS • Avoiding USDE Audits by Improving Financial Aid Verification • Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act: What Higher Ed Institutions Need to Do • Conference Profile: Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools (TRACS) • 4 Strategies to Increase Mental Health Awareness on CampusFive Suggestions for Grace-filled Employee EvaluationsSACAP Grant Application Available  

Spring 2019 :

• Designing Faith Integration Lectures Using C.I.A. TechniquesHow Gay Activists Mobilize on Christian Campuses5 Ways Faculty Can Improve the Quality of Student ResearchKnowing What It Costs: The Importance of Marginal Revenue AnalysisSolving 4 Big Problems from the Business OfficeTop Ten List for Online Distance Education StudentsShould a University President Teach?Conference Profile: Association of Christian LibrariansHow New Student Debt Metrics Will Impact Your School • SACAP Grant Application Available

Winter 2019 :

• SOGI Students on Our Campus: What do we do? • Higher Ed Trends for Enrollment, Finance, Compliance, … • Israel Study Tour: The Sine Qua Non of Contemporary Biblical Studies • 8 Traits of Successful Grant Writers • SACAP Grant Application Available • Is a 5k Walk/Run Fundraiser Right for Your School? • What Happens to the Bible Core When Colleges Leave ABHE? • Relationships With Faculty: More Than Mere Maintenance • Christian Colleges and Universities: Do You Have a Governance Crisis? • Perkins: Do We Liquidate, or Do We Wait? • Conference Profile: Christian Adult Higher Education Association (CAHEA)

Fall 2018 :

• APU’s LGBTQ Crisis • Spiritually Accountable Colleges Assessment Project • ABHE and the Spiritually Accountable Colleges Assessment Project: An Interview with Dr. Ron Kroll • Conference Profile: Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools (TRACS) • Designing Seminary 2.0: New-Version Mentality vs. Update Mentality • Planning, Change, and Resistance: An Interview with Dr. Drumm McNaughton • 5 Questions You Should Ask Before Submitting a Grant Proposal • How Colleges Can Start Offering Title IV Financial Aid Programs: Gaining Candidacy or Full Accreditation Is Just the Beginning • Test-Optional Movement: Should We Require SAT or ACT or Neither

Spring 2018 :

• Avoiding Financial Face Plants • Business Risks from the Student Financial Aid Office • 3 Keys to Effective, Biblical Fundraising • North American Coalition for Christian Admissions Professionals (NACCAP) • Bible Software No Theological Student Should Graduate Without • Federal Student Aid Myths That Christian Colleges Believe • How to Refine Rubrics Using Student Work Samples • Calamity, Stability and Leadership Accountability • 5 Recommendations for Colleges With Limited Resources

Winter 2018 :

• How A Fundraising Job Title Impacts Giving • College Enrollment Trends • Ransomware Attack: Malware in Its Cruelest Form • How to Torpedo Any Chance of Achieving Accreditation • Impact on Higher Education of Tax Reform & New FASB Standards • Building a Sustainable Campus • Conference Profile: Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE) • Title IV Check-Up: What’s Your State of Health? • Hippies Turn against Free Speech • Responding to Troubled Students

Fall 2017 :

• Christian Colleges MUST Teach About Homosexuality: Where to Start • 5 Tips to Help Non-Traditional Students Graduate • 3 Steps to Stronger Passwords • Would We Lose Donors If We Become a Liberal Arts College? • Securing Records Before the Storm • Terminating for Moral Failure • How to Find the Right Development Officer • 4 Reasons to Choose a Christian College • Promotion to Dean: 7 Best Ways to Guarantee Failure

Summer 2017 :

Support of the University by Former Board Members: A Personal Experience • You are the Voice of the Cause • Conference Profile: Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools (TRACS) • How to Generate Alternative Revenue Streams for Your Institution • Accreditation Eligibility: Determine If Your School Is Ready to Begin • Trends in Philanthropy for Higher Education • 5 Strategies for Increasing Enrollment at Theological Institutions with Limited Resources • Retrenchment and Renewal in Christian Post-Secondary Education • Six Months into the New Administration: What’s the Prognosis for Higher Education? • Writing Student Learning Outcomes: A Guide

Spring 2017 :

• Your Son’s Mentor: Distinguished Professor Che Guevara • Fairness for All (FFA) Legislation and Christian Colleges: Pros & Cons • Fairness for All: In the debate between LGBTQ rights and religious freedom, is there a way forward? (Pro Article) • The “Fairness for All” Proposal: Is It Really Fair? (Con Article) • SB 1146 Update: The Future of California’s Christian Colleges & Universities • Developing a Board of Ambassadors, Advocates, and Your Biggest Fans • A Lesson from Joshua on Passing the Baton • Shoot the Pirates: And Three Other Strategies for Safeguarding Your School’s Mission (Part 2) • What Role Does a Gift Range Chart Play in Your Fundraising Success? • Dangers in the Managing of Title IV Programs • How to Get Everybody Talking About Your School • How Leveraging Technology Impacts Enrollment Goals • Conference Profile: Council for Christian Colleges & Universities (CCCU)

mission driftWinter 2017 :

• Shoot the Pirates: And Three Other Strategies for Safeguarding Your School’s Mission (Part 1) • 5 Steps to Strengthen Your Institution’s Cybersecurity Defenses • Educational Vouchers: A Strategic Opportunity for Christian Colleges • Key Factors Correlated with Fundraising Success • Reinvent Your Development Department in 8 Steps • The New “F Word” on College Campuses: Fundamentalism • Trump Administration and FAFSA: What to Expect • Association of Business Administrators of Christian Colleges (ABACC Conference Profile) • Trinity Western Law School’s Legal Quest to Protect Religious Freedom in Canada • What Might an Accreditation Self-Study Consultation Look Like?

1080_civil-rightsFall 2016 :

• SB 1146: Roaring Lambs Score Win in Sexual Liberty vs. Religious Liberty Bill Targeting Christian Schools • Why Welcome Digital Discussion Groups • Higher Education Enrollment Trends in Canada and the U.S. • Grand Larceny: The Secular Conversion of Christian Colleges • Best Practices in Choosing an Accreditation Consultant • 11 Symptoms of Financial Aid Office Trouble • Absolute Craziness On College Campuses • The Professional Development Budget: Can You Cut It? • What Active Board Members Do Besides Meet • 22 Keys to Safe Study Abroad Programs & Mission Trips • Do Christian Colleges and Seminaries Have a Moral Responsibility to Screen Ministry Students for Dangerous Mental Disorders? • Five Important Reasons You Should be Using Cooperative Contracts (& Two Things You May Be Wrong About)
The planning process is more important than the plan itself. Plan with Objectivity, Vision and Flexibility

Spring 2016 :

• It’s the Leadership Process, Not the Plan • Will Religious Freedom in Canada Survive? Trinity Western Law School Tests the System • You Know Your School Has Gone Left When . . . • 6-Step Information Literacy Program: Curriculum Mapping for Small Colleges • Financial Aid Impacts Admissions: 12 Solutions to Potential Problems • 5 Faith Integrating Strategies for the Christian College Classroom • How to Improve Student Attention Span in Christian Academia • 13 Audit Findings That Will Bring Any Christian School to Its Knees • 5 Ways to Sabotage Accreditation and How to Overcome Them • How to Implement an Effective Enterprise Risk Management Strategy At Christian Colleges and Universities

Winter 2016 :

• Another Reason to Choose a Christian College • Parents are Idiots • Cost of Free Community College Education • Free Junior College & Dual Credit: Promise or Threat? • Is It Time to Choose an Education Management System? What You Need to Know • Three Tips on How to Recruit and Retain Latino Students • Accreditation Consultant Prices • Unusual Enrollment History Selection Process to Change for 2016–17 • Ministry Placement – 4 Trends in Full-Time Vocational Ministry
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Fall 2015 : 

• Religious Freedom, Human Sexuality, Same-Sex Marriage and Christian Colleges: What is at Stake? • The Supreme Court Marriage Ruling, Christian Higher Ed and a Canadian Experience • Privatizing the Funding of Christian Higher Education: A Response to the US Supreme Court on Gay Marriage • 5 Technological Trends Christian Colleges Can Use for Kingdom and Academic Advancement • Got Growth? Assessing the Spiritual Growth of Students – Why & How • Courting the Anonymous: Admissions Marketing to Those Who Won’t Commit • Why Go to College? Is it Worth the Trouble? • The Left at Christian Universities: The intolerant lovers of “tolerance” • Character vs. Conscience: Understanding the Role of a Chief Business Officer and a President • Title IV Policies, Procedures and Disclosures Required of Participants • Full-Time Faculty Requirements for Accreditation

Afraid Student Study For ExamSummer 2015 :

• Why So Many College Students Abandon Their Faith • Avoiding the Spiral: 7 Proven Alternatives to Hyper-Discounting • How to Get Your Thesis or Dissertation Published • A Free College Newsletter Template That Recruits Students, Donations, and Spiritual Rewards • Three Simple Methods to Overcome Student Distractions: Especially for Non-Traditional Students • How to Sabotage the Launch of Federal Student Financial Aid • Understanding State Approval and Accreditation: Who Officially Decides Your School Is “Good”? • Rotten Eggs Over Easy: An Inquiry into Why Successful Leaders Fail • Faculty Development on a Budget: Six Ways to Foster Faculty Development When Inter-Disciplinary Demands Are High and Budgets Are Low • How to Integrate Intercollegiate Athletics into the Intentionally Christ-centered Institution • Best Practices in Reference Services for Distance Education in Higher Education • How Far Can Your School Reach? St. Paul’s Plan for Influencing Your Region

Richard Bentley Statue, CambridgeWinter 2015 :

• A Model for Integration of Faith and Scholarship • 20 Realistic, Economical, Simple Initiatives to Improve Student Retention • The Issue on Which I Agree with Al-Qaeda and ISIS • A Critical Reflection on Educational Processes • Chief Financial Officer or Bookkeeper? Which Are You? • Five Reasons Why Joining a Professional Library Association Will Increase Your Staff Productivity and Library Efficiency While Saving Money • Who Do You Want to Change America and the World: Howard Zinn or Jesus? • Who’s in Your Classroom and Why Are You There? • Board Members Do Contribute – Really! • 3 Ways to Unnecessarily STOP New Program Development • Biblically-based Counseling Resources: A Fresh Look • Who Tempts College Administrators with Fake Accreditation?
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