Federal Student Financial Aid Services (Third Party Servicers for FASFA)


Campus Ivy
Serving Christian Colleges Since 2014
844-848-5332 | [email protected]
Campus Ivy is a technology driven financial aid management and compliance servicer. At the core of our service offering is an affordable, easy to use web based system that does not require DUPLICATE data entry. Our system supports all Student Information Systems (SIS), including your homegrown system.

DJA Financial Aid Services
800-242-0977 | [email protected]

FAME |(954) 772-5883 | [email protected] 


Financial Aid Services & Genesis Software
Serving Christian colleges since 2007
603-328-1550 | [email protected]

Global Financial Aid Services
Serving Christian colleges since 1996
228-324-6962 | [email protected]

Socle Education
800-604-8931 | [email protected]


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