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Eligibility Requirements: ABHE, ATS, TRACS & DEAC




Associate Member


Corresponding Institution

24 Conditions of Eligibility

8 Conditions of Eligibility

(13 counting sub-points)

17 Conditions of Eligibility

(38 counting sub-points)

7 Eligibility Criteria (brief version) with a complete list of requirements in Part 2, Section I, Eligibility Requirements, DEAC Accreditation Handbook, pp. 10–11.
*Tenets of Faith

*Nonprofit Status


*Institutional Mission


*Chief Executive Officer


*Assessment and Public Accountability

*Learning Resources

*Faculty Qualifications

*Academic Programs

*Biblical/Theological Studies

*General Studies

*Ministry Formation Program

*Student Body

*Program Completion

*Admissions Policy

*Institutional Stability and Capacity

*Financial Base

*Income Allocation

*Annual Audit

*Agency Disclosure


*Public Disclosure

*Graduate, professional, theological degrees for leadership in Christian or Jewish communities

*Has graduated a group of M.Div. or similar students

*Six qualified, full-time professors (including teaching administrators)

*Student body of sufficient size for a community of peer learning

*Graduate-level studies in theological disciplines designed for preparation for ministry

*Involvement in the theological education community (e.g., faculty in professional societies, relationships w ATS schools, …)

*Quality, stability and permanence (e.g., facilities, library, finances…)

*Governance and administrative structures

*Faith Statement

*Mission & Name

*Institutional Objectives

*Institutional Integrity

*Operational Authority

*Organizational Structure (board, CEO, CAO)

*Publications and Policies

*Educational Programs


*Student Services

*Financial Operations

*Institutional Assessment

*Strategic Planning

*Library & Learning


*Facilities & Equipment

*Health & Security

*Federal Requirements


*Each program offered by the institution is predominantly distance education or correspondence education (51% or more).

*The institution must be properly licensed, authorized, exempted or approved by the applicable state educational institutional authority (or its equivalent for non-U.S. institutions).

*At the time of initial application, the institution must have been enrolling students in current programs for two consecutive years under the present ownership.

*There is evidence via audited or reviewed financial statements that the institution is financially sound.

*The name being used by the institution is free from any association with any activity that could damage the reputation of the Accrediting Commission.

*The institution, its owners, governing board members, officials and administrators possess sound reputations and demonstrate a record of integrity and ethical conduct.

*The institution agrees that as part of the application process, the owners, officers and managers may be subject to a background check by DEAC.

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