The upcoming TRACS conference will be November 6 through November 8, 2019 in Garden Grove, CA.

The Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools (TRACS) is recognized by both the United States Department of Education (USDOE) and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) as a national institutional accrediting agency for Christian post-secondary institutions, colleges, universities, and seminaries.

The TRACS conference is drawing near.  The following table provides stats and other useful information for those considering attending.

Updated November 2019

1.  Upcoming Conference Dates, Location, Airport
  • November 6-8, 2019; Garden Grove, CA (SNA, LGB, LAX and other regional airports)
  • October 28-30, 2020; Orlando (MCO)
2.  Website
3.  Number of Schools Associated with Organization
  • 80 in 2019
  • 79 in 2018
  • 76 in 2017
  • 72 in 2016
4.  Number of Schools Represented at Last Conference
  • 72 in 2018
  • 76 in 2017
  • 73 in 2016
  • 71 in 2015
5.  Number of School Administrators / Personnel Attending Last Conference
  • 207 in 2018
  • 188 in 2017
  • 168 in 2016
  • 155 in 2015
6.  Primary Type of Attendees Presidents, Deans and CFOs
7.  Recent Keynote Speakers (and years)
  • Robert Morgan in 2017
  • Josh McDowell in 2016
  • Voddie Baucham in 2015
  • Ravi Zacharias in 2014
8.  Upcoming Keynote Speakers Elmer Towns
9.  Popular Recent Workshops Application Orientation, Self-Study, Assessment for Beginners, Business Workshops


Dr. Agron, the managing editor of Christian Academia Magazine, has presented workshops on Mission Drift, Strategies for Facilitating Spiritual Life on Campus, the Benefits of Using a Consultant to Pursue Accreditation, and other topics.  This year, he will be presenting a workshop on how LGBT issues are impacting Christian colleges and universities.


  • David Agron, Ph.D.

    Dr. Agron is the managing editor of Christian Academia Magazine. He also serves as an accreditation consultant. Since 1999, Agron & Associates, Inc. has specialized in helping Christian colleges achieve accreditation. In both roles, his mission is to help raise up Christian colleges in quality, quantity, reputation and impact for the Kingdom of God. If you would like to discuss how his firm can help your school achieve accreditation, contact him at [email protected].

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