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Upcoming Conference Date, Location, Airport June 10–13, 2019

Marion, IN – Indiana Wesleyan University

The Ft Wayne airport is closer, but the Indianapolis airport is usually cheaper.  Of course, time and expense to go from Indianapolis needs to be factored in.  Check what is best for you.

Mission (purpose, niche) To fulfill a mission of strengthening libraries through professional development of evangelical librarians, scholarship, and spiritual encouragement for service in higher education. The ACL provides Christian librarians with opportunities for professional growth, service, and collaboration with other like-minded librarians.
Number of Schools Associated with Organization 353

These are mainly libraries at colleges, universities, seminaries, but a few K-12 and public libraries are included.

Number of Schools Represented at Last Conference Over 120
Number of School Administrators Attending Last Conference 197
Primary Type of Attendees Librarians
Upcoming Keynote Speakers Dr. Todd Ream is professor of higher education at Taylor University and a distinguished fellow with the Lumen Research Institute.  The description of his presentation on the “formative potential of libraries” begins with:

The mere fact that visitors to libraries are often referred to as patrons points to a challenge. In particular, when one visits a library, he or she is thinking about what resources he or she may acquire and do so for a purpose identified prior to arrival. The success of his or her visit is thus determined by whether that acquisition effort was successful. As a result, libraries are measured by the size of their holdings and thus the chance of a patron’s success.

However, what if one were to visit a library to not only acquire resources but also to undergo a formative experience? Instead of just thinking libraries exist for me, what if I also thought about what libraries do unto me? In essence, what is the formative potential of such an experience?


Sponsorship Coordinator April McKinion, Conference Manager, (937) 766-2255




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