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To choose a Christian college, or a secular one, is to open oneself to a lifetime of understanding based on a particular worldview.

Another Reason to Choose a Christian College

My youngest is choosing a college. I hope she will choose a Christian college. The preeminent university in her field is so anti-Christian that they expelled Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship from their school. Certainly, that academic community needs ambassadors of Christ, but do I want my daughter subjected to their constant indoctrination? While we need to […]

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Translation: the parents of these students have been doing a miserable job of preparing their children for polite and civil society, and we have to completely reorient them, as soon as possible.

Parents are Idiots

In a recent faculty discussion of diversity, a professor of social ethics expressed disappointment that his students, having finished his course, had not come to the conclusion that the Iraq war was unjust. Let’s unpack this. First, he seems to believe that the justness of war is related to the discussion of diversity. How would that be, […]

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When will you need an education management system?

Is It Time to Choose an Education Management System? What You Need to Know

The Problem:  Tangled Like Spaghetti A time always comes when a school outgrows homemade spreadsheets and ol’ Mrs. Johnson’s unique filing system. If you do not yet have an education management system, consider whether the following crazy situation sound a little like your school: Since the associate dean is preparing the online annual report for […]

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The cost of an accreditation consultant can be wise stewardship.

Accreditation Consultant Prices

Is Hiring an Accreditation Consultant Worth Your School’s Money? Have you wondered whether accreditation consultant prices are worth the money? Let’s consider a realistic case study: Imagine that half your board neither donates money or brings in donations. And imagine that after giving your board the “get, give, or get off” speech, one of the […]

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Ministry Placement – 4 Trends in Full-Time Vocational Ministry

Vocational ministry placement offices must take into account that there are changes in the roles of our graduates. In my role as Director of Placement at Dallas Theological Seminary, I’ve observed recent trends develop in the hiring processes of evangelical churches of various shapes, sizes, and denominations. Obviously, prayer, character development, and giftedness are at […]

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