Active Board Members Make Schools Great!

Active Board Members Make Schools Great!

What do active board members do when they are not meeting in session on campus? How do they make a difference for their students?

The board members at Yellowstone Christian College, a very small but growing school in Montana, provide an example worthy of imitation:

  • One board member spends massive hours mentoring students on campus.
  • One board member spends multiple hours helping with business auditing issues for their accrediting agency and Title IV funding.
  • One board member led our state convention to increase giving by four-fold.
  • One board member invited several friends to breakfast and encouraged them to participate in the scholarship banquet, resulting in a generous gift.
  • Four board members as a whole gave $13,000, to date, for the scholarship banquet.
  • One board member invests time into finding sponsors for the sports teams as well as using his business to generate funds for the college
  • Two board members meet with their committees on a regular basis in order to move the college ahead in their respective areas.
  • One board member supplied the seed money for a grant writer regarding specific scholarships and infrastructure (water and sewer connections).
  • One board member sent us the names of three prospective students, including a pastor’s son.

These are examples of a board invested in the future of students. They are to be commended for their effort.



  • Bruce Cannon

    Dr. Cannon led a mission board’s theological education program in Syria, taught honors history in a 1,200-student Arab school, and served as interim principal at an international K-12 school in Jordan. Prior, he pastored three churches in Montana for seventeen years. He also served as the president of Yellowstone Christian college for nine years, leading it to achieve ABHE accreditation before retiring in May, 2019. And he is the author of the book, INCOMING! How to Survive Destructive Behavior of Your Local Christian Leaders.

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