Accreditation Timelines

How long does it take to achieve accreditation? Different agencies have different requirements.




The standard timeline promoted by the ABHE for moving from Applicant Status, through Candidate Status, to Accredited is eight years. Some schools can move faster. A school with applicant status is allowed a maximum of five years to achieve candidacy and a candidate school is allowed a maximum of five years to achieve accreditation. Failure to meet either deadline results in a loss of applicant and candidate status. After one year, a school may start the accreditation journey again.

Agron & Associates, Inc. often gets schools through this entire process in five or six years.

For schools to move from Associate Status, through Candidate Status, to Accredited normally takes six to eight years, but as quickly as three years is possible. A school cannot remain a candidate for more than five years. To move from Applicant Status, through candidate Status, to Accredited Status can take anywhere from two or three years for a very strong school to perhaps up to seven years for other schools. A school cannot remain a candidate for more than five years.

Since it is possible to become accredited with TRACS much more quickly than with ABHE or ATS, for degree-granting schools in California that are given only five years to move from state Approval to Accredited, TRACS is normally the best option.


Keep in mind that many benefits schools desire when seeking accreditation begin once the schools reach candidate membership, perhaps halfway through the process. Also keep in mind that by working with Agron & Associates, Inc., a school is

  • More likely to achieve accreditation
  • Likely to achieve it sooner
  • and likely to become a stronger school.



  • David Agron, Ph.D.

    Dr. Agron is the managing editor of Christian Academia Magazine. He also serves as an accreditation consultant. Since 1999, Agron & Associates, Inc. has specialized in helping Christian colleges achieve accreditation. In both roles, his mission is to help raise up Christian colleges in quality, quantity, reputation and impact for the Kingdom of God. If you would like to discuss how his firm can help your school achieve accreditation, contact him at [email protected].

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