How can secular academia be so pretentious with so much craziness on college campuses?

How can secular academia be so pretentious with so much craziness on college campuses?

Craziness is the overriding adjective for secular colleges these days, and even a few Christian colleges. Here are some news bites hinting at the degree of this craziness on college campuses:

  • State colleges in California have six gender options for new students, including “none of the above.”[1]
  • Secular colleges dictate that campus Christian clubs must allow non-Christians in leadership positions of those Christian clubs.[2]
  • Secular colleges are allowing adult men claiming to “identify” as women to frequent female locker rooms (including showers!).[3]

Craziness. Yes, absolute craziness displayed on our nation’s college campuses.

Yellowstone Christian College (YCC), on the other hand, where I preside as president, remains an educational oasis of sanity. YCC has stayed on the course of its clear, biblical, Christ-centered mission statement and unwavering commitment to conservative Christianity. We will never disregard our biblical foundation and unconditional vow to Christ and the Word of God.

Craziness will soon knock at our door, I am sure. Our theological stance will increasingly put us at odds with a portion of society. Eventually we may face difficult choices presented by educational agencies and the whole of society.  WE WILL NOT WAIVER.

We are not crazy like the world is crazy; as Paul said, we are “fools for Christ’s sake,” a reference regarding being made a spectacle to the whole universe (I Cor. 4:9–13).

We are fools for Christ who produce fools for Christ.

When I think of our graduates who are making a difference for Christ, I think of Jose serving in Peru. I think of Becky serving in Uganda and Bethany serving in China.  I think of Eric and Jessica serving in Montana, Derrick serving in South Dakota, and Jason serving in Wyoming, just to name a few..[5]  This is our legacy and this is our future.

FOOLS FOR CHRIST’S SAKE? YES. That’s who we are. Wholly committed to Christ is our calling and mandate. Today. Tomorrow. Every tomorrow to follow.

FOOLS FOR CHRIST’S SAKE? YES. But we’ll leave the craziness to our friends in other institutions.


[1] USC, UCLA Berkley, etc.

[2] Vanderbuilt U. and Rolins College

[3] Evergreen St. College

[4] Wheaton

[5] Names were changed for our international workers


  • Bruce Cannon

    Dr. Cannon led a mission board’s theological education program in Syria, taught honors history in a 1,200-student Arab school, and served as interim principal at an international K-12 school in Jordan. Prior, he pastored three churches in Montana for seventeen years. He also served as the president of Yellowstone Christian college for nine years, leading it to achieve ABHE accreditation before retiring in May, 2019. And he is the author of the book, INCOMING! How to Survive Destructive Behavior of Your Local Christian Leaders.

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