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Ex-Cons, Ex-Druggies, Tattoos, and Christian Education: Introducing You to Untraditional, Non-Traditional Education

“This is the money shot,” I said, teaching on a theological point. Nineteen sets of eyes dramatically scanned each other before several shouted out in near unison some version of, “No, no, no; you can’t say that!” Welcome to the world of Pastors’ School, Set Free style. Set Free is a residential church where women […]

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Reimagining Recruiting During COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic has confronted higher education institutions worldwide with uncertainty, financial woes, disruption of plans, and widespread despair. In the United States and elsewhere, it has intensified a trend of declining enrolment that threatens the economic survival of Christian colleges and universities. Kim. et al. (2020) pointed out: “In a recent survey, 86 percent […]

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8 Effective Ways to Prepare for Post-Pandemic Enrollment

The impact of the pandemic on higher education has been significant and far-reaching. Christian colleges, universities and schools have been hit particularly hard as many lack robust endowments and the large enrollments necessary to weather the COVID-19 storm. New student recruitment, financial aid expenditures, retention and fundraising have all been adversely influenced. There are some […]

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5 Engaging Methods to Market Your Faculty

How can a Christian college raise its profile, cultivate donors, and cause more prospective students to consider that school? Kathleen Fitzpatrick’s Generous Thinking: A Radical Approach to Saving the University (John Hopkins University Press, 2019), challenges post-secondary institutions to connect with the general public by sharing their expertise in useful ways. Recognizing faith-based schools will […]

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Solutions to Destructive Leadership Behavior on the Christian Campus (Part 1)

  Multiple visits in the mid-1990s to once-beautiful Beirut, Lebanon revealed a war-torn city known as the Paris of the Middle East. Eight Lebanese factions at war with each other transformed the country, and Beirut in particular, into a scar-ridden nation. Led by the United States, peace-keeping nations intervened in hopes of stopping the bloodshed. […]

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Where are the “Gotchas”? 10 HEERF Considerations to Be on the Lookout For

The three Higher Education Emergency Relief Funds, commonly referred to as HEERF I, II, and III, have provided necessary financial relief to higher education institutions struggling with the economic burden caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. However, each round of funding has brought new eligibility, disbursement, and reporting requirements. With these requirements constantly changing, where are […]

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When and How to Apply to Begin Offering Federal Student Financial Aid

Beware of Doing This Without Help I used to attend monthly meetings of The Dean’s Roundtable, a meeting of academic deans of universities in Southern California. You would be familiar with several of the schools represented there. At one meeting, one of the deans said something like this: I have something to tell you. I […]

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5 Benefits to Providing Study Abroad Programs

While many study abroad programs were undoubtedly canceled or postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, resuming these opportunities when it is safe to do so should be a high priority in higher education. Participation in these programs has grown steadily over the past 25 years (Institute for International Education, 2020). According to the US Department […]

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Revolutionizing Our Assessment Processes to Match Our Assessment Realities

As assessment professionals we are challenged to be critical, analytical, creative, and realistic about what we either do or do not know, and to mine data to support our epistemic limitations. When assessment is done well, it transforms data into information into knowledge that aids good judgment and decision-making. These judgments are used on smaller scales […]

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Nov. 10 Workshop: Recruit, Retain, and Develop GREAT Faculty

You are invited to join fellow administrators and academic colleagues in our monthly small group mentoring workshops developed especially to address the needs of small Christian schools: About the Workshop Overcome the challenge of finding and hiring great faculty members at a small Christian college. By the end of this workshop you will discover . […]

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